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Our Customer

At COS, the customer is central to everything that we do.

When someone visits us in our stores or online, we want them to enjoy a high level of attentive and friendly service, knowing that knowledgeable help is always on hand. From the way we fold a garment, to the way we wrap and parcel online orders, every detail matters.

Regardless of where you work in the company we all share the same goal; providing our customers with a great shopping experience.

Our Values

COS is different from many companies, particularly with regard to our values and the way we apply them. Our values should be seen as support and something to lean on in everyday work rather than a set of strict rules.

Keep it simple
We believe in flexibility & keeping things uncomplicated.

Entrepreneurial spirit
Dare to take initiative, find new solutions and challenge the way of thinking.

Straightforward & open minded
Be honest, share your ideas but also listen to others

Cost Conscious
Don't be wasteful, stay inventive and adapt

Constant Improvement
Be curious, ask questions and challenge yourself.

We Are One Team
Be supportive, encourage one another and make new people feel welcome

We Believe In People
Be yourself and respect each other’s individuality.


Our Responsibilities

Sustainability - We aim for sustainability in everything we do. Sustainability is an integral part of our culture and it’s a shared responsibility for everyone working at COS.

Equal Opportunities - COS is dedicated to equal opportunities in all areas of our business. Regardless of position, we ensure that all individuals are treated fairly and with dignity. We always promote diversity and do not tolerate any kind of discrimination or harassment.

Employee Relations – Being a good employer is important to us. We respect the rights of our employees to establish or join organisations of their own choosing and we believe in constructive employee relations with our colleagues and with any employee association or trade union that represents them.

Your Development

In order for COS to grow we recognise the need to invest in our colleagues and support them to develop. We believe in people and always promote internally wherever possible; everyone has the opportunity to progress at COS and our ongoing expansion provides great opportunities.

To assist with our colleague’s development we have developed a wide range of online, classroom and on-the-job training programmes. These programmes cover a broad variety of topics from selling skills and leadership to communication and presentation skills. We always welcome colleague feedback and work continuously to ensure that our training material is kept up to date.